Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

Commercial properties face the most disastrous effects after a fire outbreak because of the sudden halt in revenue flow and productivity. You not only have to deal with a burnt building full of soot and smoke, but you’ve also possibly lost a source of income and to some extent your loyal clients.

After the usual process of stopping the fire, the remains are waterlogged structures, smoke, soot, and damaged property. The timely arrival of damage restoration services takes care of the most critical restoration procedures as a step towards restoring the property in its previous state.

No matter how prepared your business is in the occurrence of a fire, the psychological torture caused by the actual disaster can be overwhelming. For a fast and stress-free come-back, it helps to have an emergency contact of a fire and flood restoration services.

Fire Damage Restoration Process

For a business owner, below are the steps in the case of a fire outbreak on your property.

  • Emergency Contact

As a business, you should always look to engage companies that offer emergency services in case of a disaster. Both the fire extinguishing company and the disaster restoration company should provide an immediate response after the fire strikes. After the fire is put off, the fire and flood restoration services should get to work to minimize the deterioration of the property.

  • Damage Assessment

The best damage restoration services always assess the situation before getting to work. After the assessment, they can give you their proposed cause of action, their cost as well as the estimated time it’ll take to finish the job.

  • Damage Control

Extensive damage during a fire disaster occurs when objects break off and fall on others. The loss could extend as far as broken pipes or gas pipes. Disaster restoration services mitigate further damage by remedying problem areas that could be a hazard to the security of the people using the property. These measures include sealing broken pipes, boarding up the weakened walls and windows, repairing a torn roof and draining and drying the flooring.

  • The Clean-Up and Restoration

A fire disaster is messy leaving behind smoke residue, soot, and charred items.  Commercial disaster restoration cleans up the walls, furniture, and other blackened items to reveal something close to their original color. This step also involves minor repair and replacement of the most damaged items such as carpets, charred furniture, and repainting the walls. Also, they use specialized equipment to remove the smoke film and soot from the affected building as well as the neighboring rooms. The cleanup is a vital part of the commercial fire damage restoration. It helps to clean up the air and repair the damaged items.


A commercial fire disaster comes with unique challenges that require immediate fire and flood restoration services. For a business, every hour translates to a loss of revenue and productivity. Involving professional disaster restoration services speeds up the recovery process and gets your business back on track.

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