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Spot and Stain Removal Chart Employment Opportunities


Spot and Stain Removal Chart


Spot or Stain Spot or Stain Spot or Stain
Asphalt Food Color Paint-Latex
Beer Foundation Make-Up Paint-Oil Base
Berries Fruit Juices Rubber Cement
Blood Furniture Polish w/ Stain Rust
Butter Gravy Shellac
Candy (Sugar) Hair Oil Shoe Polish - Liquid
Candle Wax Hair Spray Shoe Polish - Paste
Catsup Hand Lotion Shortening
Cement, Model Household Cement Soft Drinks
Chewing Gum Ice Cream Solder - Liquid
Charcoal Ink - Ball Point Soy Sauce
Cheese Ink - Fountain Pen Starch
Chocolate Ink - Marking Pen Tar
Coffee Ink - Permanent Tea
Cooking Oil Ink - Printer's Tooth Paste
Cough Syrup Lacquer Urine - Fresh
Crayon Linseed Oil Urine - Dry
Creme De Menthe Mascara Varnish
Dye: Green, Blue, Black Mayonnaise Vaseline
Dye: Red Milk Wax - Candle
Earth Mixed Drink White Glue
Egg Model Cement Wine
Excrement Nail Polish  






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Services Include: Pre-Conditioning, Deodorizing, Advanced Van Powered Steam and Extraction with Fresh Water Rinse, Edging and Final Grooming. Included also is the Moving of Furniture with Protective Blocking


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